A Loan For Companies Without The IDK Bank Certificates

CTI Bank for a good start of cooperation, offers the best company account with free debit up to PLN 5,000, Fair credit up to PLN 50,000 without costs at the start, the most advantageous online loan for companies without certificates from the US and ZUS, for start-up entrepreneurs, a loan for start-ups, attractive revolving and investment credit, factoring, high interest rate deposit and several other attractive banking products for companies. No. 1 in Poland. Do you have a company? Are you looking for a reliable loan? Are you trying to expand or modernize your company? Or maybe you need money for other expenses related to your business? You already know where you should apply!

CTI Bank SA is a bank that helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of their own business. CTI Bank supports the development of small business entities: micro, small and medium enterprises. CTI Bank’s policy assumes close cooperation with each client who is under the care of highly qualified advisers.

CTI Bank prepared attractive loans for companies. Each submitted application is considered individually and as a priority it is analyzed quickly. CTI Bank flexibly adjusts the loan offer, precisely choosing a loan for the company depending on the needs and assumptions of the entrepreneur.

The most important information about loans at CTI Bank:


  • The CTI Bank offer is intended for business entities (companies, companies, shareholders of companies),
  • CTI Bank in its offer has loans from the first day of operation (most banks offer only from the internship of 12 months) and with a poor credit history (BIK C, D, No Score).
  • CTI Bank creditworthiness counts on the basis of REVENUE, REVENUE (acceptable loss of up to 10% of income) and FORECAST ,
  • CTI Bank loan offer in 5 minutes on the basis of account statements from the last 6 months and PIT,
  • CTI Bank also accepts income from other sources (full-time jobs, contracts of mandate, contracts etc.),
  • Opportunity to protect yourself against CONTRACT (only contracts with the possibility of making an assignment),
  • ELITE Special Offer – better credit conditions for ZZP clients (public trust professions: doctor, veterinarian, architect, bailiff, notary public, attorney, legal adviser, certified auditor) and for clients with BIK A and business experience of over 24 months.
  • LOAN ON STAR – financing from the first business day to 12 months; up to PLN 100,000 – without security on the assets, a loan to start with government support ; over PLN 100,000 – mortgage on real estate.

Credit for new companies

Credit for new companies

If you have opened a business – you have a company, you have a loan! The loan for new businesses is granted via the Internet, even for current financing of business operations – from the first day of its establishment. When applying for a loan for new companies, you will not need numerous ZUS and US certificates, which are required by other banks. Co-fund a new company now! CTI Bank will offer you attractive terms. External sources of business financing – a loan for new companies, it will fulfill all your needs related to running a business.


Business loan for a statement

Business loan for a statement

At CTI Bank, a loan without a certificate is granted up to PLN 200,000 – for a statement. Anyone can quickly get a loan for companies for a statement that can be used to finance innovation and implement new technologies. Flexible and individual approach to your company will ensure reliable and careful adaptation of the Bank to the complex needs and potential of your company.

What are the financial benefits of the loan for companies?

A loan for companies gives a wide range of opportunities for every entrepreneur to develop his company. All you need is a developed Clean for business development. Improve financial liquidity in the company!

Credit for unsecured companies:

  • The maximum loan amount is even PLN 3,000,000,
  • Long loan period,
  • Credit decisions are made individually,
  • The loan is granted in Zloty Polskie (PLN),
  • You can spend the money on any chosen goal,
  • Quick withdrawal – cash will be sent by bank transfer to the account indicated by you,
  • The loan may be repaid in equal or decreasing installments,
  • You will choose the day between 1 and 25 of the month you want to set as the repayment date of the installment,
  • Attractive interest rate.

Loans for companies – the best offer – a loan for companies

Loans for companies - the best offer - a loan for companies

You do not know where to get funds for the project? Browse through various forms of financing companies, small and medium enterprises and choose the best option for yourself!

Loan for companies: no certificates, no ZUS and US, investment, turnover, online

CTI Bank’s investment loan can be used for investment purposes, including purchase of machines, renovation, modernization, real estate equipment. Application and online credit decision – without the need to visit a bank branch. CTI Bank does not require any certificates from ZUS or Tax Office.