Comparison of real estate rates: low-cost credit

 To offer a comparison of real estate rates, there are many criteria to take into account. There are obvious factors: Amount borrowed Duration of the mortgage Bring Financial capacity / debt ratio But to offer a comparison of objective real estate rates, there are less obvious factors such as the place of acquisition or the […]


A Loan For Companies Without The IDK Bank Certificates

CTI Bank for a good start of cooperation, offers the best company account with free debit up to PLN 5,000, Fair credit up to PLN 50,000 without costs at the start, the most advantageous online loan for companies without certificates from the US and ZUS, for start-up entrepreneurs, a loan for start-ups, attractive revolving and […]


6 Steps to Deal Responsibly With 0% Credit Card Balance to Get Out of Debt – Consolidation of Loans

Have you seen the credit card offers? You know, the 0% Broward Loanskie APR balance transfer offers? At the end of 2010, after a while from a gap, credit card companies started resending 0% balance transfer offers to potential customers with good credit. You may have thought that the days of balance transfer arbitrage were […]


NMN Bank Has Published Requirements For Basic Standards For Payday Loan

In order to conclude a loan agreement with its client, the Payday Loan will follow specific legal instructions. These instructions are created in self-regulatory organizations, one of which should include every microfinance organization. The document of this program is published on the official website of the NMN Bank. SRO issues requirements for the operation of […]


Credit Advisers – Loans, Loans, Deposits, Investments

Credit advisers are experts will find the best financing offer for you free of charge. We specialize in difficult topics. We offer simplified procedures for companies – up to 200,000. minimum formalities. Flexibly calculated creditworthiness. Cash loan for companies up to PLN 300,000 without collateral. Express loan for companies up to PLN 60,000, only for […]


Recommendations Regarding Cash Loans At Banks

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is an institution supervising the functioning of banks in Poland. It issues recommendations that affect, inter alia, the lending policy conducted by banking institutions. One of such recommendations, which refers to for cash loans, is the recommendation of T. How does it affect the issuance of credit decisions by banks? […]


How To Complete A Bank Check

The check is a widespread payment instrument that allows you to regulate the transfer of money between two people, without it having to take place materially (considered, in fact, that the bearer of the check can claim the ownership of this credit instrument to be collect the same amount of money – within certain limits […]